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الزواج المختلط في الأراضي المقدسة

Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land

"Forbidden Marriages concludes that dogma, religious or political, is the enemy of love. " Michael Fox, Ent/Arts Jewish Bulletin


A documentary on the thorny subject of mixed marriages between the Arabs and Jews of Palestine/Israel, Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land examines several different kinds of mixed marriages ranging across different generations and social classes. There is, for example, a Jewish girl who fell in love with a Palestinian in the 1940's; or beautifulHaya who married a Palestinian historian and active member of the Israeli Communist Party. There are also two young Arab women who each loved a Jew and married him, one with her parents' consent and the other against the wishes of her family, who still threaten to kill her. Then there are the more modern set-ups where one Jewish woman accepted to be the second wife of an Arab bus driver; and another went to live with her husband in a Gaza refugee camp. Through these couples, the film tries to show the human side to one aspect of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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