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نشيد الحجر

Canticle of the Stones

"Canticle of the Stones is a harrowing and masterful film on the Intifada" - Libération, Paris


This documentary-feature tells the story of two Palestinians who fall in love during the seventies. Due to the political climate, their relationship is denied its full expression when he is condemned to life in prison for acts of resistance against the Israeli occupation and she emigrates to America to overcome her sorrow.

Fifteen years later, they meet at the height of the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising). She is now a scholar and is in Jerusalem to research the meaning of sacrifice in Palestinian society, only to find him liberated and working for an agricultural aid organisation. Their feelings are rekindled but time has not made things any easier. They are surrounded with chaos and violence and must struggle once more to maintain their bond. This powerful story of a relationship set against the turmoil of the Intifada hovers between reality and fiction, documentary and narrative, poetry and violence.

Cast & Crew

Bushra Qaraman

Makram Khouri

Major Awards

Un Certain Regard، Cannes Film Festival 1990

Grand Prize, Festival of Historical Films Chateau-Thierry, France

Silver Prize & Prize of International Federation of Film-clubs Festival of Mediterranean Films, Valencia (Spain)